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Inventory Sucks CyberStockroom
Inventory Sucks.
We make it suck less.


A peek at what's waiting for you.
There's no substitute for trying it out yourself but in the meantime here are a few screenshots.

Inventory Management Software Simplified.

We add new features regularly based on our user's feedback.

Digital Globe

CyberStockroom puts your inventory in the cloud. There is no need to download any software or to keep any local databases. Your inventory and transactions are securely maintained and backed up daily. You can access and modify your inventory as well as sell and purchase your products from any location by simply opening up a browser.


CyberStockroom gives you full barcode integration. If it's a new product, the software will try to figure out what you have scanned. Automatic recognition of SKUs will dramatically increase the efficiency of your inventory cycles.

Cash Register

Since you can sell items by scanning them out or by typing a product number you can use any computer, tablet or smartphone as your POS solution. No need for expensive machines or software!

Green Arrow Down

It's easy to get started by uploading your inventory from a spreadsheet. All you need to include is a product number and CyberStockroom will do the rest!


Whenever you log in to CyberStockroom, you are accessing your live inventory. When you make purchases, your stock levels are automaticallly incremented and when you sell products, your Cost of Good Sold (CoGS) is calculated.  At any time you can access a running tally of this cost.

Purchase Order

CyberStockroom allows you to automatically generate purchase orders either by supplier or based on quantity. Because you can set low-level and out of stock thresholds in your stockroom, you can automatically generate POs for anything that's running low!

Pie Chart

One of the best ways to stay on top of your inventory levels is by sorting your stock by quantity, cost value, lead time or other parameter that you chose. CyberStockroom provides you with powerful visualizations to break down your inventory by cost value and by quantity.

Bar Graph 3D

Monitor your stockroom over time to spot patterns in your product levels. Select any product and display its timeline over a day, a week, a month or a year. You can even export these graphs to a PDF file.

Open Sign

CyberStockroom lets you display your inventory directly on your website for your customers to see. Build a customizable widget in seconds choosing which details you want to include and how you want them to appear to your visitors. You simply embed the HTML code anywhere on your website and you're ready to go!

Multiple Users

Create multiple user accounts for your stockroom. Administrators can change any of the settings in CyberStockroom while standard users are limited to interacting with inventory and generating reports.

Hammer and Wrench

Your business is unique and nobody knows how to run it better than you. There are some things you need to track that others don't understand. At the same time, there's a lot of things you might not care about. CyberStockroom puts you in the driver's seat. You will find yourself easily shaping and tweaking your stockroom until it's tailor-fit for your business.